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Man Screws up by Telling His Wife He’d Always Choose to Save Their Unborn Baby’s Life Over Hers

In possibly one of the less intelligent moments of his life, a husband and father has told his wife that he would always choose to save the life of their unborn baby over that of her own, his life partner and the mother of his existing children.

This occurred after watching a particularly harrowing scene of the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, and more distressingly after the wife had endured a traumatic delivery resulting in a “terrifying” c-section.

Still clueless as to the insensitivity of his statement, the man opted to share the conversation on Reddit’s Am I The Asshole forum, intending to validate his thoughts.

“My wife (32F) and I (33M) had several drinks and were halfway through the first episode of House of the Dragon,” he wrote.

He noted that the evening was progressing nicely until his wife paused the show and asked him the hypothetical question that threw a hand grenade into their marriage.

“She asked me if I would choose her or our unborn baby if she were in labour and only one could survive. Without flinching, I said I would choose our child.”

“Honestly, because it is what I would have expected her to want me to do. And it is what I would want if the roles were somehow strangely reversed.”

Hoo boy, wrong call, buddy. Especially once the backstory is explained further:

“We have 3 kids, and the youngest was a surprise pregnancy followed by a terrifying delivery. Failed delivery to an emergency C section. He spent a few weeks in the NICU after being born not breathing and with no heartbeat, but thankfully both he and my wife survived and came out healthy.

“Well, judging by her reaction, I was apparently very wrong in this unfortunate hypothetical situation. She broke down crying, saying “I would always choose you first”, stormed off and went to bed.”

Yes, that might probably have been my reaction, too!

To answer the man’s question, if he was being an asshole or not, the general consensus was that he was, in fact, the asshole in this situation.

“This should have been a sober discussion three kids ago,” replied someone in response to the now-deleted post.

“Me and my husband had that talk after that scene. It wasn’t much of a discussion,” added another. “Me: Hey, if this situation happens, save me. Husband: Yep, didn’t even consider not doing that.

“But we don’t have kids yet and won’t be having any for at least a few years. I get why OP’s wife was so hurt. The poor woman just found out her husband would have let her die.”

There are many women who would willingly die to save their children’s lives. But that is generally their call, not depending on the wishes of their husbands.

And to the man who basically told his wife that her life is less important than their unborn child…

What are your thoughts?



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