Tuesday 25 February 2020
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toddler video on parenthood

A Toddler Shares Thoughts on Parenthood, Which is Totally Relatable And Hilarious

We all know kids can be sponges and absorb what we say. They don’t always understand why we say the things we do, but one toddler thinks...

stops crying when hears marvin gaye's

Toddler Stops Crying When She Hears Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’

A one-year-old girl can’t get enough of Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get It On”. When little Brilynn hears the opening intro to the...

A Dad Plays the Ultimate Prank on His Wife, Convincing Her The Family Have Shaved Their Heads

If you’re going to play a prank, April Fool’s Day probably isn’t the best day to do it because EVERYONE knows nothing is real on...

toddler's chicken pox photos

Scammers Use a Toddler’s Chicken Pox Photos to Fundraise Money For “Cancer Surgery”

As parents, we all know the risks of sharing our kid’s photos online. It’s important to have the right privacy settings on social media...

Jessica Mead with Jackson

The Mum Whose Child Burnt Their Feet at The Park Could Have Been Any One of us #lessjudgementmoresupport

Earlier this week, we brought the story to you of a toddler burning his feet at the park. The point of the article was to share a warning...

toddler's room

Mum Shows How to Sneak Out of Her Toddler’s Room Without Waking Him up

We’ve all been that parent who has had to stand by their baby’s cot so they will go to sleep. The moment we leave, baby wakes up and we...

harness furniture video

Heartstopping Video Shows Why It’s Important to Harness Dressers to The Wall

A heartstopping video shared on YouTube has reminded parents around the world how important it is to secure dressers and bookshelves to the...

It Won’t Be Forever

It Won’t Be Forever Laying next to my Hurricane, my little man, watching softening, settling face, many of you would immediately...

christmas shapping with a baby

How to DAD Shares All You Need for a Successful Christmas Shopping Trip with Your Toddler

If you thought Christmas shopping was stressful, take a toddler with you. They cry over being restrained and then when you let your guard...

lenny diabetic father

Heroic Toddler Saves Diabetic Dad’s Life by Feeding Him Yoghurt

A toddler from Manchester, has been hailed a hero after saving his diabetic dad’s life. Three-year-old Lenny –George Jones force-fed...

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