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Woman Says That the Best Gift at a Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Is a Bottle of Champagne, and She’s Right!

Most people would consider the perfect first birthday gift to be a cute plush toy or a fun educational picture book. Perhaps a cute little outfit or the latest must-have toy with all the flashing lights and sounds with no volume or off button.

But one party guest has come up with a game-changing suggestion for the perfect party gift: a lovely bottle of bubbly.

Podcast host Phoebe Parsons has recently gained a lot of attention on social media after declaring that the best present to bring to a baby’s first birthday party is a bottle of champagne for the parents. After all, they survived their child’s first year of chaos and joy and deserve a little treat just for themselves, don’t they?

@phoebeacp Do you agree that this is a fair gift for a first birthday? #firstbirthday #champagne ♬ original sound – Phoebe Parsons

“I would really love to know other people’s thoughts on this. I’m on my way to a first birthday party and I actually got the parents a bottle of champagne instead of the child,” she said in the clip.

“So in the child’s lifetime so far I’ve gotten him a baby shower present and a being born present. I only thought it was fair to give the parents a present to celebrate the first year they’ve survived as parents.”

“Furthermore the child is not actually going to remember their first birthday party and there are around 50 other people going who I’m assuming are all going to buy the kid presents.”

She’s absolutely right! What parent of a one-year-old would turn down a celebratory bottle of bubbles?

Many of the commenters agreed wholeheartedly.

“Omg yes! I was gifted a bottle of scotch for my only boy’s first birthday. Apparently, I was going to need it for the days to come!” shared one.

“Hell yes, it was probably one of the most challenging years of their life, they deserve a treat!” added another.

“My favourite gift at my 1-year-old’s party was a voucher for a hotel for me and my fiancé and free babysitting for the night,” responded a third.

Brilliant! Let’s make this a thing, guys! Tell the others.



Source: TikTok/@phoebeacp


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