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Mum Posts a Photo of Her C-Section Scar Online and It Goes Viral

Mum Posts a Photo of Her C-Section Scar Online and It Goes Viral

Why is there a stigma attached to women who deliver their baby with the help of a c-section compared to those who deliver vaginally?

Does it matter how the baby came into the world, or is the most important thing a healthy baby and a healthy mum?

Jodie Shaw posted on her social media accounts a photo of her c-section scar recently to prove exactly that. To make what should be already blatantly obvious; no matter how your baby arrives in this world, you still gave birth.

“A new day and a what seems to be another new post from someone insinuating that giving birth by cesarean means that you didn’t give birth,” said Shaw
She goes onto say “I had a fibroid the size of a melon sat on my cervix and a low lying placenta which meant that I’ve been left with no ordinary c-section scar. But whether you believe this or not. I gave birth to my baby,” “So next time you judge someone for not doing what you consider to be ‘giving birth’ please take a minute to think about why they may have had to deliver that way. Think about the fact that given the choice they probably wouldn’t of chosen this but had no choice. Why would you choose a major operation and 6 weeks of recovery?”


Instead of stopping to think that it’s not always safe for the woman or the baby to deliver ‘naturally’ and that there is no other option than to opt for an operation that literally cuts open the women’s abdominal muscle.

A mum is a mum no matter if the baby is biologically hers or not, and a woman is giving birth no matter how she does it.

What do you think?

Emily Lockley

Emily Lockley is 32, which she thinks is a great age by the way, still young enough to want to have fun and just old enough to not really care about the dramas of your twenties.and not where she thought she would be. In saying that for the most part, she loves where she's at. Great partner, loving family, amazing friends, living in Melbourne..blah blah right?! There is always something else we want, for her that's a baby, but it's just not happening the way she thought it would. Emily is an infertility blogger who writes of her journey through fertility treatment and the longing to become a Mum in a very real, raw and honest way.

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