Thursday 29 October 2020
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This Mum Wrote a Touching Song About Missing the Baby Years and It’s Bringing Other Mums to Tears as It Goes Viral

This Mum Wrote a Touching Song About Missing the Baby Years and It’s Bringing Other Mums to Tears as It Goes Viral

As much as we might want to move past the sleepless nights and mum-zombie stage of parenting a newborn, we often forget to cherish those moments in our foggy haze of early motherhood. No matter how many times we introduce an infant into our lives, we experience the same feelings — the same frustration, the same sleep-deprived joy, the same moments of feeling utterly overwhelmed. And sometimes we do forget just how magical that time with a baby truly is.

Mum of two Abbie McKoy recently looked back on her second son’s first year of life with fond memories and wanted to create something special for his first birthday. In the wee small hours of the morning, she penned a touchingly beautiful song for little Jackson which is resonating with other mums big time. The clip has been watched over 20,000 times, bringing parents to tears as they reminisce about their own baby days.

Abbie’s video begins with footage of Jackson meeting his older brother, Noah. As her beautiful voice describes her son’s first year, we see clips of baby Jackson’s milestones and watch as he grows from a tiny infant to an active one-year-old. You might need some tissues for this one!

The New Zealand mum’s song has brought other mums to tears as they remember their own baby years with fondness.

“Oh my goodness… this takes me back to those wonderful years so long ago,” wrote one mum. “My three little boys are now 44, 42 and 39 with 6 children between them. What an awesome idea capture the joy of these early years. Your heartfelt beautiful song is truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing. It touched my heartstrings.”

“Loved the song brought tears to my eyes. I thought of all the special times with my babies. That was the best time of my life,” commented another.

A third agreed: “Gosh, what a beautiful song. Amazing lyrics – I can really relate to being so happy and excited about the new person each week… while missing the tiny person. Thanks for sharing!”

We have to agree! Your song is beautiful, Abbie! And happy first birthday to little Jackson too. x


Source: Facebook/Abbie McKoy



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