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Ryan’s Rule – what you need to know

Ryan’s Rule has been developed by Queensland Health as a method to provide patients of any age, carers and families with an additional way to seek help if they don’t feel as though their health concerns are being adequately addressed.

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Ryan’s Rule was created following the death of Ryan Saunders who tragically died in hospital from what was found to be preventable causes.   Ryan’s parents instincts kicked in and they felt his condition was deteriorating and their concerns were not being addressed by medical staff or acted on in time to help him.

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Have you been in a situation where your parental instincts kicked in?

Have you used Ryan’s Rule before?


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One thought on “Ryan’s Rule – what you need to know

  1. AvatarRosslyn

    Recently my daughter gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 6lbs 14 ounces by cesaerian section. On the third day in hospital she was due to be discharged but as the time came close, they told her they would like her to stay in an extra 5 days. When asked why, they told her that the baby was suffering from withdrawals and that she was a drug addict.
    None of this is true as I know for sure as she had been staying under my roof for the duration of the pregnancy and went nowhere.
    On the same day as the nurse told her they would like her to stay, earlier my daughter told me that the babies in the ward (2) were screaming because one of the nurses gave them cold bottles.
    On my daughters personal health record book under notes, it states that my granddaughter is suffering from withdrawal symptons on a high scoring on the NAS and also she did not want the baby.
    I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the staff in the ward that were on duty that evening, my daughter is depressed over this as she has never done drugs and she certainy loves her baby.
    Please help


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