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Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Baby Bag Essentials

Now that your special little person has arrived, there is no doubt you have discovered that if you want to leave the house you need to plan your outing with military precision.

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What you pack in your baby bag is certainly heavily dependent on just how old your little one is, however there are a few items that regardless of your child’s age it’s always a good idea to have them tucked away for when you inevitably need them.  Along with the essentials, nappies, bottles, food and drinks, there are a few other items that are also a good idea to have in your baby bag at all times.

Hand Sanitiser

A small bottle of this liquid gold is an essential part of any baby bag.  Along with using it to sanitise your hand before feeding and after changing bub, you may also find it useful to have when your child is a little older and you need to clean their hands while out and about.

A Cloth Nappy – or two

These amazing pieces of fabric can be used in so many ways apart from what they were designed for.  You can use them as a burping cloth, clean up spills, change mat, privacy cover while feeding and even a towel for when your little one has an impromptu swim – yep it happens!


Just like Cloth Nappies, a packet of wipes can be used in so many different ways from wiping faces and noses, washing hands, cleaning tables, removing sand from skin, removing marks from clothing and wiping down prams and carseats.

A plastic bag

Having a plastic bag tucked away in your nappy bag is a great idea to make sure you don’t get caught out.  Along with using it to store and dispose of soiled nappies, you may also find yourself needing it to store wet or soiled clothing, towels and wraps, empty bottles or lunch boxes or any extra items you may have picked up while out and about.


Popping a change (or two) of clothes for your kids, along with a spare top for yourself is a great way to make sure you are not caught out as you can guarantee the one time you have no changes of clothing will be when you need it the most.

What are your baby bag essentials?

What would you add to this list?


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