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Don’t Have an ‘Elf On The Shelf’? Just Use Your Baby Like This Dad Did

Don’t have an ‘Elf On The Shelf?’ No problem. Just use your baby like Dad blogger, Alan Lawrence did with his youngest son last year.

The father of six and writer behind the successful blog That Dad Blog had his followers in stitches this time last year when he dressed his then baby son, Rockwell, as an elf.

baby on the shelf

Via That Dad Blog

The dad is well known for writing about family life and raising a son with down-syndrome. Last year his ‘Elf On The Shelf’ photos were a hit and he recently shared another picture of Rockwell, but this time older and up to new tricks.

So far the elf mischief has been pretty mild, but that’s usually how elves are – they gain your trust and then next thing you know your toilet is full of jello and your slippers are filled with pudding. He did however, bring some useful tools. Last year he said we didn’t have enough lights around the house, so he brought a Light-O-Matic 3000. It can shoot over 1000 pre-lights a minute and uses a 30 Volt Polar Power battery. Last night Zac got a taste of the Light-O-Matic when he tried to steal one of the elf’s candy canes. The elf lit him up like a Christmas tree and made him stand in the corner for 15 min. #rocktheelf by @thatdadblog

#Rocktheelf is a mischievous elf. Rest assured that while some of the photos look dangerous, there has been some help from photoshop to get the desired image.








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