Wednesday 28 October 2020
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baby girl banned from being named this

High Court Has Banned Mum From Naming Her Twin Daughter This

Naming a child is very personal, yet a high court judge has banned a mother from naming one of her twins ‘Cyanide’. The new mum from...

extinct baby names

The Extinct Baby Name List

When I was younger and attended school, there were always at least 3 girls that shared the same name as me. There were also 5 Rebecca’s...

trendiest baby names for 2016

Trendiest Baby Names for 2016

We’re only 1 month into the New Year and baby name database Nameberry has revealed the trendiest baby names for 2016. The compilation of...

worst baby names 2015

Instagram Filters are the Latest Baby Name Inspiration for Parents

Choosing a unique name for a baby can be a competition most soon-to-be parents won’t admit. The latest baby name inspiration has...

Popular baby Names 2014

Five Sources of Inspiration to Find A Baby Name

One of the first things a couple will do when they find out they are expecting a child is search for a list of baby names. I have fond...

Baby Names Inspired by Nature

September and October are the most popular months to have a baby. It often has something to do with couples enjoying their Christmas and...

worst baby names 2015

The WORST Baby Names for 2015

Naming your baby is a very personal choice and not everyone is going to like what you choose. But some parents have chosen these names for...

Popular baby Names 2014

Most Popular Baby Names inspired by Disney and Game of Thrones

Parents are being inspired by Disney movies to Royal families when it comes to naming their newborn. The Office for National Statistics...

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