Wednesday 28 October 2020
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Little Girl Asks For £100 Instead Of £1 After Discovering The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

Little Girl Asks For £100 Instead Of £1 After Discovering The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

A nine-year-old girl has finally discovered the truth about the tooth fairy. She reacted by deciding that she might as well benefit financially from this new-found knowledge, penning a letter to her parents with demands to pay up big time!

Sam Freedman’s daughter lost another tooth, so, doing what every parent does, the London dad tried to put the going rate of £1 under her pillow.

But when he went to make the transaction, he realised there was a letter under there too. It turned out that his daughter is so much more intelligent than anyone gave her credit for!

Sam shared her delightfully hilarious letter with his Twitter followers, reminding us all how quietly conniving our children can be at times. “I think my eldest daughter may have figured out the whole tooth fairy thing,” he wrote.


Dear tooth fairy,

Dear mum and dad,

(Yes, we know it’s you, STOP LYING.)

Just a little tip! Leave 100 pounds instead of 1. (It’s a great idea) Anyway, have a nice night!

Yours most great-detective-at-finding-out-who-liars-are-ly,

-signature- (your favourite child)

PS. What do you do with all our teeth? TELL ME!!!



Sam has since confirmed he just throws the teeth away and doesn’t have a stash of children’s teeth anywhere.

His post did very well, garnering thousands of likes and comments praising his smart daughter and sharing their own experiences with the tooth fairy.

The letter is certainly something to keep forever, seriously, what a gem!


Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

One thought on “Little Girl Asks For £100 Instead Of £1 After Discovering The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

  1. AvatarBlossom

    Unless the 9 year old girl is an only child or you have told her she is your favourite child that should be dealt with. I would say that she wants the extra money should do chores to deserve the extra. Had I attempted to pull that one on my parents I’d have probably got nothing instead. Kids need to know that you have to work for the money you give them that you aren’t just given it for nothing. The old saying – money doesn’t grow on trees.


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