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Truth Bomb Mom Shares in a Viral Video, There is no Such Thing as a Perfect Mom

no such thing as a perfect mom

Truth Bomb Mom Shares in a Viral Video, There is no Such Thing as a Perfect Mom

Truth Bomb Mom has done it again, by sharing a heartfelt video, explaining there is no such thing as a perfect mum.

The thing is mums compare themselves to each other all the time. I know I’ve done it myself. And it does one of two things. It makes us feel proud for ‘having it together’, better than the mum who looks like she’s struggling or it makes us feel inferior ‘I really need to up my mum game and get my shit together.’

Both of those reactions are wrong. No mum has it ‘altogether’. Every mum deals with an array of different circumstances and the only person we should be competing to be better than, is the person we were yesterday. Better yet, rather than strive to be better, why not just focus on loving and raising our children the best way we know how, ensuring it aligns with our soul and theirs?

Vlogger, Kristina Kuzmic encouraged parents to realise no one has everything together all the time and the comparison needs to stop. She describes what that perfect mum at the playground may in fact be dealing with at home.

“Every single mum you have ever compared yourself to, she has her own struggles,” Kuzmic explains in the video. “You don’t know what she deals with alone, at home behind closed doors … We all have those moments on the floor doubting ourselves, worrying about our future or packing up our past.”

The video has been viewed over 1.7 million times on Facebook and while the message is one that we’ve heard before, it’s one we should be reminded of again.

Rebecca Senyard

Rebecca Senyard is a plumber by day and stylist by night but these days she changes more nappies than washers. She is a happily married mum to three young daughters who she styles on a regular basis. Rebecca is not only an award winning plumber, she also writes an award winning blog called The Plumbette where she shares her life experiences as a plumber and mother. Rebecca also blogs at Styled by Bec believing a girl can be both practical and stylish. Links to the blogs are http://www.theplumbette.com.au and http://www.styledbybec.com.au/blog

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