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This Dad Versus Baby Rap Battle Has Gone Viral Because It’s Just Adorable

This Dad Versus Baby Rap Battle Has Gone Viral Because It’s Just Adorable

Have you ever heard someone burst into a fit of giggles and been unable to stop yourself from laughing too? This is definitely one of those times!

Actor and rapper, Brandon C. Thomas – a.k.a. B-doe – had a rap battle with his baby son Quentin. Well, he tried to. His dope rhymes, while fully sick, didn’t really hit the mark with his opponent. And he was completely owned by baby Quentin’s heartwarming response, which may not be as wack as his father’s, but was still mega just the same.

Uploading the adorable rap battle to his social media accounts, Brandon’s video has gone viral with over eleven million views on Twitter and Facebook combined.

You’ll want to make sure your sound is turned up for this one!

Who else’s ovaries are doing back flips right about now?

Despite the epic burns of “I bagged ya mom” and “I tell you when to go to sleep”, it is clear that baby Quentin is the winner here. Twitter agreed!

So Quentin is definitely the winner, but he is a gracious one.

Just too adorable!


Source: Twitter/Brandon C. Thomas


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