Monday 23 September 2019
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Man Attempts to Publicly Shame Breastfeeding Mother on Facebook


An unidentified man decided to post a picture on Facebook of a mum breastfeeding her 4-month-old son at a restaurant in Indiana with the caption (full of grammatical errors): ‘I know when a baby is Hungry they need fed. I went to know if this is appropriate or inappropriate as I’m trying to eat my Fridays, there are little kids around. I understand feeding in public but could you at least cover your boob up?!’, he said.

When the Mother, Connor Kendall, saw her photo being shared around online, she said she felt violated.

‘It is my right to feed him any way I see fit wherever I see fit,’ she posted on her own account Thursday, sharing a picture of the man’s original message.

‘If I had just been a scantily clad female it would have been no big deal. I get that you felt uncomfortable looking at my breasts. Here is a novel idea, don’t look at them’.

Connor said that the man issued a ‘very short and, what seemed to me, a very insincere apology in a private message.’

In the apology, he replied that he was ‘trying to educate himself’ by posting it. He also said it was an ‘impulsive thing to do’, despite the fact that he took the post down twice when people commenting started criticizing him and then reposted it.

Jessica Harris

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