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I See You; An Open Letter To The Less Popular Kids.

Hey there you, the one lagging behind all the other children, struggling to fit in, I see you.

You there, the quiet one, who always does whatever they’re told, because you want to do well in school, I see you.

To the shy child who never speaks out of turn, yet becomes invisible because the louder children overshadow you, I see you.

To the little girl, who doesn’t want to interrupt an already established group of friends in fear of rejection, I see you.

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To the little boy who brings a book to school to read at lunchtime because you have no one to play with, I see you.

To the mature little girl who comes from a big family, is used to having more responsibility than the other kids and is never picked to play, picked to have fun, I see you.

To the children who feel they have nothing to contribute because they don’t have anything in common with the popular kids, I see you too.

Truth is, you are just as important as all those other kids. The ones who laugh and joke and throw parties where everyone is invited, except you. You are just as worthy as the kids who talk about what they did at sleep overs and play dates when you were at home wishing you were more outgoing, more popular. You matter, you absolutely do.

Every single person has a purpose in life. You may not understand your’s through the pain you are feeling right now, but it is there, and it is magnificent. Truth is you shouldn’t change who you are in order to feel more accepted by your peers. Not everyone was born to be the popular kid. That may not be your calling in life.

Perhaps your calling in life is to bring joy to the people who love you most. Perhaps your calling is to be the introvert who changes the world. The one who see’s life differently in order to make it a better place.

Just because you feel disregarded by others, it doesn’t mean you have to judge your own worth by their standards. This is not your default setting. You are worth more than how others treat you. The way they treat you is a reflection of them, not you. You are special, you are fun, you are loved, so very, very loved.

Perhaps their standards are lacking. Perhaps you need to hold your head up high when they tell you that you can’t sit with them, and walk a different path in life.

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To the boy who wears thick glasses and doesn’t have a cool haircut like the other boys, I see you.

To the little girl who’s legs are hairier than the other girls and is embarrassed by her appearance, I see you.

To the ones who linger on the outskirts of any social situation clinging to the hope of inclusion, I see you.

To the quiet children who the teacher’s take for granted, I see you.

To the ones who are used to pacify the more troublesome kids in class at the expense of their own growth, I see you.

To the kids who have given up and cry themselves to sleep each night wishing for a friend, I see you.

Just because you feel invisible, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t seen by the people who matter most. You have a network of cheerleaders who think the world of you, who believe in you, who value you. School life is so very difficult and it’s hard to make sense of this pain you are feeling right now. To make sense of the exclusion. The truth is, every child learns about life differently. Each child has a different maturity level, some may not be as advanced as yours. This may be the reason you can’t relate.

Every child has a unique experience growing up, and it is these differences that shape them into the adults they become. It is up to you to use these differences as an advantage to propel you. To help you take flight.

If you see someone being interrupted in a conversation, acknowledge them, don’t let them be pushed to the side.

If you see someone lagging behind, walk beside them.

If you see someone being ignored, take the steps to include them.

Be the change you want to see in this world.


“Sunglasses love noses, 

Teeny tiny little ones,

Short and stumpy brittle ones,

Extremely long noses,

That enjoy burying themselves in big bunches of roses.

Sunglasses love eyes.

Oval sized ones,

Wide surprised enormous ones,

Curious, inquisitive eyes,

that enjoy following movements of fff- flies.

Sunglasses love faces.

Sweet and pretty dainty ones.

Tough and sweaty cranky ones.

All different sorts of faces,

that enjoy the sunshine in all kinds of places.

Sunglasses love people.

Happy cheery smiley ones.

Sad and teary crying ones.

All types of extraordinary people.

Whether they’re short as a stool

or as tall as a steeple.

Sunglasses are magical things.

They see the splendour of what the world brings.

They see us as beautiful, the way that we are.

We are all equally shiny in a classroom of stars.

So put your sunglasses on, and see what they see.

You are a miracle of life, like a bird or a bee.

When you feel all alone with nobody to love, remember,

that just like sunglasses…

There is always a friend who’ll fit you like a glove. ” 

To the child who feels out of place, like they don’t belong, don’t give up.

We believe in you.

Perhaps your calling in life is to bring joy to the people who love you most. Perhaps your calling is to be the introvert who changes the world. The one who see’s life differently in order to make it a better place.

We see you, and you matter.



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