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Hospital Gives Kids Mini Cars to Drive into Surgery to Reduce Fears and Anxiety

Hospital Gives Kids Mini Cars to Drive into Surgery to Reduce Fears and Anxiety

A US hospital fully understands how important it is for children to feel at ease before going into surgery. They take it so seriously that they have purchased two tiny cars for their pint-sized patients to transport themselves into the operating theatres in style, giving them a huge thrill and relieving their anxiety and fears at the same time.

Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California, has two cars for its youngest surgical patients: a black Mercedes and a pink Volkswagen Beetle. The centre purchased the first car, but the second was kindly donated by an employee and her family.

Employees of the medical centre hope the sweet little rides reduce children’s stress, anxiety and fear before they go into the operating room.

“When the children find out they can go into the operating room riding in a cool little car, they light up and in most cases, their fears melt away,” pre-op nurse Kimberly Martinez, who came up with the idea, told CBS News on Saturday.

“In addition, when parents see their children put at ease, it puts them at ease as well.”

Martinez said she notices an immediate difference since they’ve introduced the cars, and said she hopes the benefits have lasting impacts.

“It can be traumatizing for a young patient to be peeled away from their parents as they head into surgery,” she said. “This truly helps everyone involved.”

According to Martinez, the cars are specifically made just for kids, ages 2-7. Both are equipped with a stereo, which has a variety of preloaded music and an MP3 player, as well as functioning headlights, taillights and dashboard lights. They can be operated by the kids themselves, or by remote control. The cars are very safe — they have working doors, a seatbelt and a horn.

The amount of thought and compassion put into this delightful program by the hospital staff is truly touching.

We are hoping this wonderful scheme rolls out everywhere, with cars big enough for everyone. Because I’m not gonna lie, I kinda want to have a go in one myself!

Source: Facebook/Doctors Medical Center


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